Speedflex Trainer Q&A – Oli Perchard

Monday, February 26th, 2018

If you read this month’s Speedflex Q&A you will more than likely be left feeling somewhat hungry or scouring the internet looking for a specific karaoke video of Oli!

Who is your hero/who do you look up to?

I find inspiration from various individuals; Simon Sinek, Jocko Willink and Usain Bolt to name a few.

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

The list is long! Scandinavia is a must for me, as is South America as I’d love to visit Machu Picchu in Peru.

What’s your favourite film and song?

My favourite film of all time is Pulp Fiction and my favourite song is Mr. Brightside, there is a karaoke video of me online if you look hard enough for it!

If you could have any job in the world, which one would you choose?

Obviously be the guy who looks after the Pandas in a zoo!

What’s the best piece of advice anybody has given you?

When you stop caring about what people think of you, you will be happy.

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could choose three things to have, what would they be?

The biggest book I could find to kill time, a kettlebell to keep busy and a hammock (I’m not about to sleep on the floor!)

You’re hosting a dinner party and can invite any three people (dead or alive) who would you invite and why?

Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Sarah Millican because it would be hilarious!

What one item would you want to save if your house was on fire?

Whatever I was eating at the time, nothing stops me finishing my food.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?


For you, what’s the best thing about training at Speedflex?

I love the members, everyone is different and they all come with great energy and enthusiasm.