Scott Stevens


I can help create an energy balance through a healthy nutrition intake and progressive workouts to achieve results.

I can help you keep on track of what you eat to ensure you make consistent progress you can be proud of. I will work with you to create  a personal and unique approach to your fitness journey.

My clients can feel reassured that I will deliver a balanced workout programme tailored to their needs and lifestyle incorporating different training methods to support their goals.


  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 1 Kettle Bell Instructor
  • Level 1 Circuit Training Instructor
  • Advanced Nutrition for Weight Loss Coach

Areas of Expertise

  • Hiit training
  • Functional training
  • Fat loss and muscle gain
  • Tailored nutritional support
  • Circuit and Kettle bell training
  • Metabolic conditioning
Scott Stevens