How to stay motivated

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

We’ve all been there; lying in bed, looking at the rain outside and thinking ‘I’d much rather be curled up in bed watching Netflix with a sharer bag of Doritos’.

You’re not alone.

Exercising and eating healthily isn’t easy, if it was, we would all have rock hard abs and perfect blood pressure.

Motivating yourself to get up and go is 80% of the struggle. Once you’re there, the hard part is over! But with autumn approaching and the dark mornings and nights creeping in, how can you stay motivated?

  • The key is to set mini goals. By setting yourself small, realistic goals each week, it will make your overall goal to fit back into those old jeans seem less daunting and more achievable. A good example is something as simple as ‘train 3 times this week’.
  • Take progress pictures. Tracking your weight is all well and good, but not always entirely accurate. If you’re training and losing fat, you could be gaining muscle, and this wouldn’t necessarily show on the scales. Instead take weekly progress pictures in the same stance so you can see how your body is changing side by side – what you do with those photos is then up to you – but we love a good before and after on Instagram.
  • Use visual clues. By placing your trainers next to your bed, your brain automatically thinks about exercise as soon as you wake up. And when it comes to nutrition, you could try putting a banana and some nuts on the kitchen table, rather than opting for Hobnobs in the biscuit tin!
  • Give yourself rewards. What’s the point in all your hard work if you aren’t going to reward your achievement? After accomplishing one of your mini goals, treat yourself to a new workout ensemble or a treat!
  • Find a fitness friend. Having someone to train with, who has similar goals to you, will give you that extra push and responsibility to turn up!
  • Listen to music. Listening to up tempo music has been proven to enhance performance in exercise due to its beat. Therefore crank it up to max to make your body instantly awake and ready to go!