Do sugar highs mean training lows?

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

With Christmas and now Valentines Day behind us it’s likely most of us have had a spike in the amount of chocolate we’ve consumed recently.

Sugar can have a significant impact on our physique and results so we’re going to break it down into bitesize (sugar free) chunks for you to digest.

Let’s start with types of sugar, there are two:

Natural sugar: Found in milk, fruits and some whole grains.

Added sugar: Recognisable by various names such as corn syrup, dextrose, or fructose and can be found added to many things, drinks and cereals.

So what actually happens to your body when you eat sugar?

Sugar triggers the pleasure sensors in your brain to release dopamine! Excess dopamine causes you to eat more even if you aren’t hungry. This makes sugar one of the more addictive substances out there, and that includes comparisons with things such as tobacco and alcohol.

Sugar causes a sudden spike in blood sugar which causes insulin production to rise and you can count on a crash later. Sugar causes inflammation in the body which can attack muscles and joints causing pain and the lining of your heart which can lead increased risk of heart disease.

Sugar can suppress your immune system for up to 5 hours after ingestion and causes a lot of inflammation, it is thought that the immune system becomes preoccupied with the inflammation and can’t focus on fighting off bacteria.

So whether you’re snacking on it, drinking it, or it’s present in your meals, it’s one to watch.