All hail the kettlebell

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Kettlebells are great for full body exercises because they allow for explosive movements such as the trusty kettlebell swing.

The shape of a kettlebell means there is a demand on your body to stabilise itself during different movements. You need to maintain your balance throughout all phases of the exercise and this engages multiple muscle groups, and elevates your heart rate at the same time (hello calorie burn).

There’s some good news for those working on getting that peachy behind too, using kettlebells correctly you can specifically target your glutes and hamstrings (muscles which are often neglected but are important in reducing the likelihood of injury to your back and your knees – and in making your behind look good).

Kettlebells also work your core, they force you to contract your abs due to the nature of the explosive movements, meaning you’re working on that six pack without doing 100’s of sit ups!