5 ways you can tell your workout is going well..

Friday, July 21st, 2017

Ever wonder if what you’re putting all of your effort into is likely to pay off?

Here are 5 ways you know it’s going well..

1. You can’t hold a conversation

Try it. Mid way through your training session try talk to your training partner. If you can easily carry on a conversation with no hint of breathlessness, you need to up the ante. If you can only muster a few syllables (or grunts), you’re doing something right.

2. Your heart rate

When it comes to building fitness, you heart rate should climb when you train. If you want to be a bit more scientific about it and look at some numbers there are a lot of ways to do so these days, obviously MYZONE is our favourite, it sends you post session summaries via email and shows you not only your heart rate in real-time, but the percentage of your max too. Aim for 85% or above to really reap the cardiovascular benefits.

3. Increased hunger

When you deplete your calories through exercise, it’s normal for your body to crave food after your session. Food is your fuel and you need it to not only function, but to function efficiently. Nutritional guidance should be shaped around your goals but bear in mind that the body uses carbohydrates for energy during exercise and will need replenished, if you’re hungry, it’s usually a good sign!

4. More focused

Research suggests exercise improves memory and productivity. During exercise more blood flows through the brain, meaning more oxygen, making you feel refreshed, and the post-exercise serotonin and endorphins will help you finish on a high, with a more positive mind-set ready to take on the day. If you’re working your way through your to do list at the speed of light one afternoon, you may have your lunch time session to thank.

5. You get better sleep

While immediately after training your brain is arguably sharper, exercise should also help you get your much needed 8 hours each night. Research suggests that your quality of sleep (i.e. how deeply you sleep) can improve with as little as one sweaty session.